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Young businessman looking at his growing shareThink about Your Retirement, or you won’t have one. Planning is a verb. As more and more baby boomers move into retirement, more competition for those funds have occurred. There are many tools for you to choose from to start your financial planning for retirement. It is a lifelong strategy to plan to have enough financial security for your complete retirement. To ensure you receive your maximum income, it is important to have a game plan now. It is never too early or too late to plan for retirement. Whatever is on your mind about your money, I can help you with the total package. I can show you how to keep more of your money and pay less of a tax burden. Aren’t we all looking to keep more of your own money? I will show you how with my quick 10 Minute Tax Tune-Up.

After 34 Years in Financial Services, Fraser Allport has either seen it, or done it, or knows where to find it for you. That’s what makes Fraser The Total Advisor™.

Fraser Allport is The Total Advisor™ 

  • 34 Years of Experience and Excellence in Insurance and Investments.
  • Worldwide resources and proven strategies for Financial Planning.
  •  Independent and Experienced to work just for you and your best interests
  • A comprehensive Portfolio Review to maximize and protect your Assets
  • Specializing in Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning.
  • Asset Protection and Credit Lines for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
  • How to Maximize your Social Security Benefits, while reducing your Taxes.
  • A Cost Savings Review of all your Insurance Policies, including Health Insurance.
  • Financial Wellness Courses, Online and Onsite for Employer and Employee

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A Lifetime to Accumulate 3 Days to Protect

We spend our lives working to build assets and protect what we love most. Lawsuits, taxes and poor planning can take it all from you.

Take 3 Days to meet with the experts one-on-one and get specific advice to preserve and protect what you have worked so hard for. Nobody cares more about their assets than you!

Meet privately with an Asset Protection-Trained Attorney

▪ Safely build & protect your wealth
Lower your income taxes in the current year
Slash capital gains tax to “0” when you sell stocks, real estate, or a business.
▪ Reduce or eliminate estate taxes & probate fees completely
▪ Legally deduct 100’s of business expenses



Deflation and Bear Markets

All across the world today, there are growing signs of Deflation. Simply put, Deflation is when Debt levels become unsustainable, and the Bad Debt starts to default. Like those hotels that implode inward when collapsing, the price level for virtually everything goes down in Deflation … because The Bad Debt drags down the entire global monetary system. Deflation leads to Recession, and Recessions are Bad News for Stocks. Greece and China are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Bottom Line in 2015 is that a Big Pile of Global Debt is suffocating the Global Monetary system. The Debt’s sheer size is weighing down prices. Presently, the evidence of falling prices is everywhere : Gas prices, Commodity prices, Precious Metals, Junk Bonds, and the trillions of dollars that has literally just evaporated in the recent meltdown of Global Stock Markets. This is Deflation. Money disappears.


DOW at 5000? History Says
it is Possible !


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The Insiders and The Pros’ tell YOU to “ Buy and Hold “ , but they are the FIRST ones to sell ! They tell you one thing … while they do the opposite. Because they need you to hold their bag … while they sell, sell, sell.

Guess Who’s been doing all the Selling lately ? That’s Right … The Pros’ are the first ones out the door. What do they know … that you don’t ?



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Your Success is Our Success  

Thanks to Your Trust and Confidence in me … We are expanding to a new Office to serve you better. I have been self-employed for 34 Years in Financial Services, and I am always aspiring to get better for My Clients. Our new address is Suite 202 at the modern  Vero Commercial Center West at 1880 82nd  Avenue, Vero Beach, FL. 32966. Our new office phone number is 772 – 925 – 1601. Please ask for Donna, my Executive  Assistant. My website is still my name : www.FRASERALLPORT.com.

My new Office allows me to add Staff so as to serve you better. We pride ourselves on providing you with a variety of Services. Our suite of Services includes Retirement Planning, Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection, Estate and Divorce Planning, and Business Planning for Individuals and Corporations. FRONT_NEW_S

The Office has a large Conference Room, and we are going to energize the digs with some big-screen televisions tracking the Global Financial Markets. I want to make my new Office a learning environment that is also fun and dynamic. Come by anytime to visit us. The place will be jumping !