Once you retire … You will have many decisions, deadlines, and forms.

You will face decisions about your DROP, Social Security, and Medicare (or your Health Insurance options if you are not yet Medicare eligible.)
Also, what are your choices with your DROP Lump Sum money when you retire?
And what to do about your IRA, 403b Plan, and your other Investments?
Another big decision will be “When should I start my Social Security”
Should you start your Social Security at age 62, or wait until age 70?
And how does your Social Security check integrate with your DROP check?
The Social Security system can be confusing, and your choice is with you for the rest of your Life!
Your Social Security election will be one of the most important financial decisions of your entire Life.
Yikes! The entire process of Retiring can be confusing and intimidating. Don’t be fearful or paralyzed.
Just make wise decisions by seeking advice from a Professional with experience and credentials.
And make a promise to start today. Time flies. It is never too early to plan for your Retirement.
Start your Retirement Planning by calling a veteran Professional, so that you are “Retirement Ready”!
Fraser Allport, your Florida DROP Specialist, can help you with all of your DROP and Retirement questions.
Fraser’s 36 Years of experience, and his expertise in DROP, are the guidance and leadership you need.
Whether you have just started DROP, or you are about to retire, call Fraser with your DROP and Retirement questions.
Everyone’s situation is different, so Fraser will customize your Retirement Plan based on your situation.
But you cannot make financial mistakes at this stage in your Life.
So call a Financial Professional.
Please see Fraser’s invitation below for a Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Consultation to help you start your Exit Plan to Retirement.
Just starting any Project is the hardest part, but Fraser can help shepherd you with a plan of action.

Be Smart with Your Money. Make certain you are "Retirement Ready." It's Your Money. For your complimentary phone consultation, call Fraser Allport, your Florida DROP Specialist, to answer all of your questions about your DROP and Lifetime Retirement Planning. (386) 882-6256

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