Once you retire … You will need Health Insurance: Medicare, as well as Home Health Care.


What are your Plans for these two coming Needs of Yours?

An evolution in avoiding Nursing Home confinement is occurring for all of us as we age. It’s about combining your Medicare Plan with a “Home Health Care Plan.”
According to The Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of Seniors will need some form of home health care in their lifetime. Fact: nearly three out of four Seniors will eventually need Home Health Care services. Think of the odds for both you and your Spouse together!
Medicare, Medigap, and most Medicare Advantage Plans are designed to cover Hospital stays, medical tests, doctor bills, and some short-term skilled nursing. Unfortunately, these Plans do NOT cover the cost of long-term everyday assistance in your Home. And receiving care in your own home is far preferable to being confined to a nursing facility, right?
Home Health Care is about being independent, and not being dependent or a burden on others.
It’s wise for You to spend a little time researching your Home Health Care choices, while you are still healthy enough to qualify. Getting your Home Health Care Plan in place today can give you more certainty, security, and Peace of Mind, should something happen to you Tomorrow.

  • Plan for Tomorrow, Today.
  • It’s never too early to plan for something as big as your Retirement.
  • Don’t wait. Tomorrow is the day that you might have a life-changing accident or illness, and then you may no longer qualify for the Plan. Don’t wait too long to buy coverage.
  • Fraser can help you coordinate your DROP Plan with your Health Insurance choices once you Retire. You want your Retirement Plan to be comprehensive: integrated and holistic. Fraser can help you with all of your retirement planning.
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